Annual Festival Service
Thursday 14th Sep 2023
St. Andrew's Church, Malahide @ 7.30 pm

Mothers' Union Dublin & Glendalough

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Dublin & Glendalough supports a range of International Projects

We support a wide variety of projects - wherever possible they are self-help / income-generating activities. However there are about 300 paid Mothers' Union workers overseas and their salaries, and the equipment they need for their work, are also charges on the fund.

The Overseas Fund is founded on the financial giving of all the members in all the branches in the United Kingdom and Ireland. They do this through the filling of their Overseas Boxes, through special Branch fund raising activities and through gifts.

Giving through the Overseas Box is the traditional way in which members have personally saved for this fund. Once a year the box will go back to the branch to be opened and its contents added to all the other savings and donations. The total branch collection is then forwarded to the Diocesan Treasurer. All-Ireland's overseas contributions are subsequently gathered together and sent on to Mary Sumner House in London.

Mothers' Union Uniform

During our fashion show in September of last year, we were delighted to have some of our fellow members take to the catwalk to showcase their Mothers’ Union uniforms from around the world. Daphne Danga from Bray Branch Stepped Out in her Mothers’ Union uniform from Zimbabwe. The following is the meaning of her uniform:

  1. Headscarf - covering her head as Mary, Mother of Jesus did.
  2. Collar - a reminder to guard her mouth from cheap talk. James 3:10.
  3. Black skirt - reminding us we are all sinners. Ephesians 5:8
  4. White Blouse - reflection of God's Glory. Matthew 5:14
  5. Pockets - symbolises keeping valuable words one hears.
  6. Blue trimming on pocket - symbolises a zip for members to keep and not to share what they were told in confidence. Proverbs 11:13
  7. Blue trimming on sleeve of blouse - members are expected to be of good character. Rom13;13, Ephesians 5.3
  8. Blue belt – symbolises the unity of members in times of happiness and tribulations. Rom 8:35; Ephesians 6:14
  9. Blue trimming at the bottom of the Blouse - members are expected to be of good standing and character.
  10. Five buttons - stand for Jesus' five wounds suffered at the crucifixion. John 20:27

Overseas Projects

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Relief Fund

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Literacy & Financial Development Project

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Further details on the projects supported can be found on the Mothers' Union Website.