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Saturday 16th Feb 2019
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Mothers Union Dublin & Glendalough

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Badges & jewellery

To order please fill out the order form at the bottom with the product number and quantity.

Order number: J0030

Price: €3.80

Description: Mothers' Union globe lapel badge width 17mm

Order number: J0031

Price: €3.80

Description: Mothers' Union Badge 44 x 10 mm

Order number: J0032

Price: €3.55

Description: Mothers' Union Badge 35 x 8 mm

Order number: J0011

Price: €2.80

Description: Small gilt & enamel cross and logo lapel badge

Order number: JN0098

Price: €4.10

Description: Gilt & enamel Mothers' Union cross badge

Order number: JN0004

Price: €4.40

Description: Gilt and Enamel Bar Brooch


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